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MMORPG issue Empty MMORPG issue

Post by HuskerGI aka Axishatr on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:35 am


MMORPG banned me for my thread creation "My Opinion, WWIIOL is Dead" and the ripples it created.

CRS have played their moderation card and got rid of the exposed issues it is directly responsible for so I suggest this:

Those of you that have access to need to start a "informative" thread in the General Topic section of the MMORPG forums linking the MMOFALLOUT page and this page for those that have not found things on their own. CRS may have dropped the axe but there are other trees. Keep people on the know and give them a place to vent. I think that makes people feel better talking about things and less likely to go bonkers when overmodded by CRS gestapo.

Post em up. Be nice. Don't kill the company......but keep people in the loop at MMORPG.

Just an idea.

(just my opinion...)

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MMORPG issue Empty Re: MMORPG issue

Post by BodkinBarb3r on Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:24 pm

IDK i'd more that if we could get lots of people here we could

I don't know the exact mechanics they're looking at doing but if we can get lots of ex players we can communicate to some indie developers basically that they have a market for a hardcore combined arms WW2 war sim and that they should always make the gameplay sandboxand let individual players group and decide their actions and not some developer imposed

Look at Eve. How would they react if the developers came in, gave control to a few people who said "you people fight there, you fight over there..." then they would leave, just like WW2online. The Rats tried to go with the trend MMORPG developers have since WoW even when a) the allure of the WoW was wrong b) the game is not some fantasy grind fest but a war simulator c) they cannot hope to compete in performance and graphics let alone getting massive amounts of new content out regularly

Skip the first 2:45. The video talks about how MMORPG's have moved from 'sandbox' to 'theme park' gameplay.


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